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No more paper, no more WhatsApp, no more ineffecient solutions for supporting patients digitally

Kenji is made for therapists who want to create digital exercises and exercise plans for and with their patients. With Kenji you can record very individual videos for your patients.

Kenji was developed together with therapists and patients.

When you become a Kenji Partner, you'll receive a partner id from us and you'll get get any number of ‘codes’ and where a code represents a patient.
You can then donwload the app together with your patient. Enter the partner id and the code, press signin and the code is activated. The code is valid for six months and you can create and adapt as many exercises and exercise programs as you want with your patient. Below are some screenshots of Kenji.

Exercises can be created with several attributes like type of exercise, duration, series and repititons. All exercises can made part of an exercise program and can be pre-selected by exercise type or body region. For each program, attributes like program duration (in weeks) and 'send reminders' can be configured.
Patients can make entries in a digital journal for all activities they have done. Accompanying the journal is an overview where all entered data is displayed. Data is displayed in graphs and in list form.

Patients don't need to enter any personal data, Kenji doesn't need it to function properly. All journal data entered in Kenji stays on the device of the patient. Nothing is transferred to Skyscraper Software. The only exception being the Kenji Partners who have chosen to become 'interactive' partners. If you choose this option, then journal data is sent to a server of us (located in Switzerland) and you get access to a web platform where you can view the data.

Go to Kenji in your App store. Get it on Google Play Download on Apple Store

Kenji is available in English and German.

If you want to try it out, get in touch and we'll set you up with a test version for one week.

Pricing and conditions


  • CHF 40.-
  • For use on one device only
  • Valid for 12 months


for companies, clinics, therapists and hospitals
  • Payment per user: CHF 120.-, per 12 months
  • Every user gets a code for unlocking the Kenji app on patients devices
  • Unlocked Kenji is valid for 12 months on patient device
  • No further costs (for technology updates or support)


  • Like ‘PARTNER basic’, but with the option of viewing your patients' data (including reporting) via a web platform.
  • Possibility of custom solution for viewing data, reporting and creating exercises programs online.
  • Data is stored on a server in Switzerland. No personal data is collected from the patient. Data is anonymous.
  • Get in touch if you're interested and let's discuss the possibilities


Your own app for you, with your own logos and colors, is also one of the options.

  • Development of your own app with your own logos, colors and ‘splash screen’, one-time CHF 4'000
  • Payment per user: CHF 120.-, per 12 months
  • Every user gets a code to unlocking the app on a patients devices
  • Additional changes to the app (adaptations to existing features or new features) to the app: CHF 150.- / hour
  • Service Agreement for support, technology updates, account management (Apple, Google), CHF 600.- per year

All prices excl. VAT (MwSt.)

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