MS Active App

support in daily life for MS patients and their relatives

The MS Active app is an app for creating a home or exercise program and provides information for people with MS. The app was developed together with therapists of the FPMS, to allow the treating physiotherapist to create and compile individualized exercises and exercise programs.

In the app you can use a variety of exercises. Exercises can also be recorded as a video with exercise instructions from the therapists or created using photos with descriptions. A journal can be used to document personal progress. The journal entries are prepared and presented in an informative manner, partly using graphics. The app provides important information and recommendations about MS, about life with MS and about sports and training in MS in a compact form.

The MS Active App is available in three languages: French, German and Italian.

home view

Below you will find a description of the most important features.


Exercise catalog

We've integrated a range of exercises in the app. All common exercises were provided by the FPMS.

You can also create and edit your exercises by making a video or taking up to two pictures.

In the German and French version of the app there are a couple of relaxation exercises made available.


Exercise programs

Users have a feasture available which allows them to create two kinds of exercise programs.

A program can be created for 'daily exercises', to be performed everyday when possible. And one programm which can be created for a longer period of time.

Both the 'daily program' and the 'training program', when active, can be viewed at any time and their details are presented in an easy way.



A journal feature has been added so that users can track their symptoms, log their activities and do assessments.

Normal activity entries don't only allow for saving information about the activity performed itself, but also information about the symptoms experienced during the activity can be added.

But also seperate symptom entries can be made, and a special entry type concerning 'mood' is available.

In the journal category 'assessments', an user can make entires about a walking test or a full MQSPT questionnaire can be filled in (only in German and French).


Journal overview

All data that can be entered in the app, can be viewed under 'Journal'. Here we have several categories where data can be viewed easily.

First there is a graphical overview for data concerning symptoms and mood.

Second there is a graphical overview of all entries concerning the data filled in MSQPT questionnaires, activities (duration) and walking tests (distance).

The third information that is presented, is a list of all entries concerning actvities and their symptoms.

The fourth and final piece of information that is presented, is a list overview of all assessment entries and their attributes.


Data protection

At Skyscraper Software we take data protection and security seriously. In principle, the MS Active app can be used without registering with us or having to provide any information about yourself. You can voluntarily provide journal data within the app and this data remains within the app and is not transmitted in any form to Skyscraper Software GmbH or third parties. Personal data are treated in accordance with the statutory provisions on data protection and protected against unauthorized processing through appropriate technical and organizational measures.

If you want, you can opt-in to provide us with usage data of how often the main features of the app are being used. This data is anonymous and is only a counter of how many times a feature is being clicked on. We use this information to improve the main feature we provide in the MS Active app.

Please make sure that when using the PDF export feature, your handle your generated PDF file with care. When using the export function your data is converted into a PDF file and saved in the local storage of your device. The user of the device bears full responsibility for the protection of the data on the respective device. Please note that Skyscraper Software GmbH and its partners cannot accept any liability for the transfer of data via e-mail, social media, etc. In particular, not for the transfer of data to third parties and unauthorized access by third parties.

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